Greenwashing: the other side of sustainability

Greenwashing is an increasingly common phenomenon, which unfortunately goes hand in hand with the spread of serious and scientifically proven actions to combat the climate crisis. When there is a lack of reliable data and solid scientific basis, companies tend to take shortcuts, resorting to misleading advertising and false sustainability claims.

Many companies now adopt such communication strategies, relying on attractive but false promises that trick the consumer and disadvantage companies that instead reserve funds and resources for serious and reliable approaches to combating climate change.

Far too often, we hear about this issue. Few times, however, we know how to respond and address this problem.

Various entities are continually carrying out important actions. First and foremost, Greenpeace has called attention to the fact by covering 15 European cities with ironic advertising posters to expose the greenwashing behind which airlines hide their real (and very high) environmental impact.

It is also crucial that citizens begin to protect themselves by becoming informed and learning to recognize serious communications from false and misleading ones. On their side, however, companies must learn to communicate their commitments and goals appropriately, building credible storytelling of their sustainability paths.

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