Aequilibria is Sustainability Partner of HERO Dolomites!

In 2022 we started a collaboration with one of the most spectacular mountain bike races on the planet. On Saturday, June18th, champions from all over the world will compete up and down the Dolomites, in the splendid setting of Val Gardena. All this will be accompanied by a weekend full of initiat…

The video contest “CLOSE THE TAP” has come to an end: here are the winners

The first edition of the video contest "Close the Tap", organized by Aequilibria to promote awareness about climate change, closed at the end of February. The participation in the initiative has been international, collecting subscriptions both in Italy and abroad: almost half of the participants…

Arctic and Antarctica never so hot: what is going on?

Similar temperatures were never registered before in Antarctica. In the past few weeks, unprecedented records have been reached. Particularly, on Friday, 18th March, the numbers in various weather stations soared. In eastern Antarctica, temperatures of 40ºC above average were reached, and the Con…

The Council of the European Union approves the CBAM, the new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Few days ago, the Council of the EU reached an agreement on the CBAM Regulation (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism), one of the key elements of the Fit for 55 Package. It is the innovative tool proposed by the European Commission designed to operate in parallel with the EU ETS System, and gradua…

The video contest on climate change “Close the tap” is now on FilmFreeway platform

The visual competition on climate change Close the tap got registered in the international platform FilmFreeway, a website collecting over 10.000 of film festivals and contests all around the world. Through the Close the tap profile on FilmFreeway, it is possible to submit a live action video or …

Good morning from Glasgow: Daniele Pernigotti at the COP26 – The Good COP and the Bad COP for the Glasgow Climate Pact

“The good COP and the bad COP” does not represent the classic role-playing between two policemen called upon to manage a tough interrogation. It is instead the effective description that Saleemul Huq makes of the outcome of the COP26 in Glasgow. Salemuul is not exactly a novice in climate change …

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