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Training by catalogue

Training courses of high interaction with at most 6 participants, to maximize the learning of the most interessting topics of environmental management an the experience exchanging of participants. [continues…]

Personalized training

Tailor made courses developed with the highest care and attention to the requests of the clients. The courses are based on the experience gained in hundreds of courses given in the environmental area and on the strong focus on the efficency of the training program. [continues…]



EU ETS – Emission Trading Scheme

The Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), developed by the European Union, is the first international “cap and trade” market for the trading of GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emission allowances, produced by companies. [continues…]

Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories of organizations

Quantify the organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory is the first step towards the implementation of a responsible politic of reduction of the own impact on climate change. [continues…]

EMS – Environmental management systems

ISO 14001 and EMAS are tools developed in order to simplify and make more efficient the management of environemental aspects in the private as well as in the public sector. The participation of Daniele Pernigotti as delegate to the revision of the ISO standard and the work with the regional association of EMAS certified organizations (CEV) is a garancy of seriousness and competence on this matter. [continues…]

EMS Audit

The audit of an environmental management system (EMS) allows to evaluate the level of application of ISO 14001 or EMAS regulation within an organization. [continues…]

Sustainability report

As of January 1st 2017, a “non-financial information disclosure” will be mandatory for large organisations and entities of public interest* in Italy. The Sustainability Report is an ideal tool for meeting this legal obligation by leveraging opportunities in the voluntary market. [continues…]

Environmental comunication

Every environmental improvement associated with the product or the organization has to be supported with a careful communication action in order to maximize its results on the market. [continues…]


UNI EN 14021 – Environmental Self-declarations

The Self-declarations, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14021 are a mode of communication in a current phase of growth, also for their direct reference in the Minimum Environmental Criteria in the context of the Green Purchasing, better known as GPP (Green Public Procurement). [continues…]

Environmental Minimum Criteria

Environmental Minimum Criteria have become in the last period the main characters in public contracts for the procurement of products and services related to green contracts or Green Public Procuremenr (GPP). [continues…]

 LCA – Life Cycle Assessment

LCA, acronym of the English name Life Cycle Assessment is the abbreviation which all over the world is known as the methodology able to individualize and to quantify the environmental impacts of a product along its whole life cycle, or, as it is normally defined, from cradle (extraction of the raw materials) to grave (final disposal of the product). [continues…]

EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

The Environmental Product Declaration, generally known as EPD, is a process which brings to the elaboration of a document that is structured according to the ISO standard 14025 and which contains information about the environmental impacts of a product. [continues…]

CFP – Carbon Footprint of Products

The Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP) is the quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the whole life cycle of a product, from extraction and transformation of the raw materials up to the final disposal of the product. [continues…]

Water Footprint

The Water Footprint of a product is the quantification of the impacts regarding the hydric resource,  calculated over the whole life cycle of a product. A set of indicators recently developed on ISO level is destinated to get diffused rapidly in the market. [continues…]


Ecolabel is a Regulation of the European Union focused on the environmental performances of a product, that identifies through specific protocols the minimum requisites, that organizations have to meet to be authorized to use the label, represented by a daisy flower with twelve stars. [continues…]