Ecolabel is a Regulation of the European Union focused on the environmental performances of a product, that identifies through specific protocols the minimum requisites, that organizations have to meet to be authorized to use the label, represented by a daisy flower with twelve stars.

This demonstrates the intention of the EU to reduce the proliferation of numerous best in class labels, that exist in different countries or even on regional and local level. The advantage of the Ecolabel is really about the recognition of a single label within the whole European territory, what opens the doors to a potential market of about 500 million consumers.

In Italy one of the sectors wherein the Ecolabel is most diffused is the touristic one, which receives every day guests that come from areas with a high attention to environmental protection like Middle and Northern Europe.

It is exactly in this sector that Aequilibria boasts the experience to have guided one of the first Italian hotels to obtain the daisy with the twelve stars.