EMS Audit

The Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Audit allows to evaluate the application level of ISO 14001 or of the EMAS regulation inside an organization.

The audit report represents one of the most effective information sources spendable for the board to be informed how much the internal management of the environmental issues is able to produce economic results, environmental protection and respect of the legislative requirements.

The internal verification by an indipendent auditor is also an essential moment to test the own level of conformity before the official visit from the certifier.

The ability of Daniele Pernigotti to conduct EMS audits in a professional way, is affirmed by the many years of work as environmental certification responsible for one of the major international certification bodies and by the obtainment, already in the 90s, of the principal national and international verification certificates.

Finally, his knowledge of the characteristic mechanisms of environmental certification has been completed, thanks to the work as inspector on behalf of Accredia (ex Sincert) on the work of the certification bodies accredited in Italy.