Environmental comunication

Environmental declarations like EMAS and EPD, environmental assessments and Carbon footprint studies can represent a solid base for the development of a communication approach.

In fact they are fundamental tools, not only to give evidence of conformity to regulations and of the performances by a technical point of view, but also to show the organization’s wish to follow a trasparent approach and to enhance at the maximum the endeavour on the environmental front.

To make accessible to the public its own values and its own politics, allows an higher agreement and a better credibility. Indeed, to reach this purpose it is fundamental to build a structured path, that guarantees the coherence among all the communication tools and above all between what the organization does and what it expresses.

Thanks to the deepened knowledge of the contents, that are enhanced through integrated communication projects, Aequilibria is able to make become the investments in this sector a source of real image.

For each organization is studied a taylor made strategy, that may foresee numerous activities like an involvement of the press and media relations office, a restyling of the web sites graphics and texts, the ideation of house organs and the organization of seminars and workshops.