Environmental Minimum Criteria

Environmental Minimum Criteria have become in the last period the main characters in public contracts for the procurement of products and services related to green contracts or Green Public Procuremenr (GPP) in Italy.

The environmental minimum criteria are related to specific product categories and are described in specific decrees issued by the Italian Ministry of the Environment.

The Green Public Procurement and the new “Contracts Code” states bindingly the adoption of the environmental minimum criteria for 100% of the purchases in specific products/services categories, done through public contracts, thus posing great attention on environmental topics and opening a new “horizon” for environmental certifications.


Aequilibria organises training courses on GPP, environmental minimum criteria and related environmental certifications. We offer, in addition, support services for the introduction of environmental minimum criteria in the technical specifications of calls for tenders and the evaluation phase by the awarding committees


Aequilibria offers specific training for companies with regard to environmental minimum criteria of their own interest, as well as a support service to identify and obtain certifications that can be request by contracting entities (e.g. ISO 14021, Ecolabel, EPD, CFP, etc.).