Greenhouse gas inventories of organizations

The organizations greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, developed according to the ISO standard 14064-1, foresee the assessment of the direct emissions and the indirect ones, due to electrical consumptions, of the gases that cause climate change.

The inventories thereby developed are more complete and representative of the real climatic impact than those realized according to the Emission Trading Scheme, that foresees, instead only the quantification of the direct CO2 emissions.

Moreover, ISO 14064-1 allows to extend the quantification, on voluntary and discretionary base of the organization, also to other indirect emissions, as for example those of the employees transports or the goods logistics.

Since CO2 has already acquired a market value that in a long term view is destined to grow, it is necessary to know in detail in which phase and in which measure the GHG emissions are generated, in order to determine how to increase the economic competitiveness of the products.

The competence of Aequilibria in the development of GHG inventories is also attested by the direct involvement of Daniele Pernigotti as Italian delegate in the ISO working group, which has elaborated the ISO 14064 standard, and by leading the UNI working group on GHGs. It was right this experience, which brought him up to publish a book on this topic on behalf of Il Sole 24 Ore.