Training by catalogue

Formation plays a strategic roll in the environmental field as it is a sector of rapid and continuous evolution. The necessary updates can concern as much the changes in the normative sphere as new technologic solutions for the reduction of the environmental impact.

It regards an important investment in terms of human and economic resources, whose effectiveness depends directly on the formation centre on which one has committed to. A serious formative process must be able to pay highest attention first of all to the analysis of the market requirements, the planning phase, the teachers choice, the interventions execution and the evaluation of their effectiveness.

Aequilibria organizes two different types of training courses.

The classical type, that is realized anyway in classrooms with a small number of participants  in order to guarantee the involvement of everybody, and the type that we call “on high interaction”. These are courses hold in very small groups where the exchange of experience is at the highest level and the training is nearly a sort of workshop.

Aequilibria has chosen by time to present itself with a very limited formation program, which is organized though with the highest attention to every minimum particularity.



How to quantify and communicate the impact on the climate  of products according to ISO/TS 14067. It will be examined the threats and opportunities connected with the application of the CFP, analizing the international state of the art and deepening the communication aspects. 



Climate change is becoming more and more crucial for organizations all over the world, and its importance is destinated to increase in the upcoming years. For that reason on ISO level has been developed a volontary standard for the quantifying, monitoring, reporting and verifying of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals at organizational level.