New market opportunities with the Carbon Footprint of Products

26th June 2014


How to quantify and communicate the impact on the climate  of products according to ISO/TS 14067

The course is finalized to transfer the tecnical and normative bases of the carbon footprint of product (CFP). It will be examined the threats and opportunities connected with the application of the CFP, analizing the international state of the art and deepening the communication aspects.

The CFP is based on the quantification of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to the entire life cycle of a product. The tool has registered already a significant interest in the past and its diffusion is destinated to increase significantly after the recent pubblication of ISO/TS 14067. Carrying out the CFP study of a product, from its production to its final disposal, is the best answer to the growing awareness of consumers, that there everyday consumption choices are important steps in the pathway towards a global GHG emission reduction.

Registration modality: The participation fee for the training course is 360 € + VAT. The registration includes the participation to the course, a participation certificate, the lunch and the coffee break.

The registrations, except for special agreements, have to be submitted by Thursday, 19th June, 2014.

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