The birth of Aequilibria S.r.l.

By 13 March 2019Notizie

Aequilibria makes a small but important evolutionary step, moving from a one person company to a Ltd.

For a reality of five people in continuous expansion it was, in fact, necessary to change the scope, adopting a corporate structure and an organization that went beyond the group of good consultants supporting a freelancer.

The increasingly customer’ portfolio, the range of services offered and the international market-based management, lead us to compete with the most important consulting companies of the sector, requiring an adjustment of our approach to the market, the first step is represented by the foundation of the Ltd.

However, it does not change our way to offer consultancy services to our clients, in fact we will continue to work together in order to develop useful and effective projects by performing our vision of Evolving Sustainable Perspectives.

Also our values do not change. Therefore, on Friday our offices will be closed. In fact, we will join “Global Climate Strike for Future” to support their strong demand of a real change in terms of climate-oriented policy.

In 1968, students took to the streets asking for a different world from an economic and social point of view. 50 years later, Greta Thunberg has inspired young people, united by the demand for an even more important change.
But this year will be also celebrated another anniversary: 50 years ago the first man step foot on the moon, performing the famous ” That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Now we need to make a billion steps together on our old land to show that we really care about our planet … and we will be there!

Marta, Stefano, Lucia, Carlotta and Daniele

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