The carbon management ISO standards at COP 24.

By 20 December 2018Notizie

The Katowice Climate Change Conference (COP 24) has concluded Saturday night, with the final negotiation outcome characterized by lights and shadows (for further details click here, Italian only).

Among the numerous official side events within the COP, there was also a dedicated event to the carbon management ISO standards. Daniele Pernigotti, coordinator of the ISO working group that has led to the publication of ISO 14067: 2018 (Carbon Footprint of Product), has also illustrated the affinities between the SC7 (subcommittee of climate change) and the UNFCCC negotiation.

The activities of the SC7 are, in fact, divided as follow:

– MRV – mitigation;

– adaptation;

– climate finance.

Pernigotti has also presented the main contents of ISO 14067, together with the new ISO 14064-1 presented by Edouard Fourdrin from ADEME, that represents the linchpin of every corporate policy based on carbon management.

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