The FDIS of the new ISO 14064-3 standard has been approved: what will change for the verification of GHG?

By 4 February 2019Notizie

On Friday 1st February, was formally communicated the outcome of ISO/FDIS 14064-2 and ISO/FDIS 14064-3 vote, concerning respectively the projects of reducing GHG emissions (and increase of removals) and the verification and validation activities of GHG emissions.

The first edition of the two documents were published in 2006, and they are now completing the review process in order to be added to ISO 14064-1 (GHG inventories of organizations), that has been recently published.

The two FDIS have recorded a vastly positive vote (95% ISO 14064-3 and 100% ISO 14064-2) and they are now approaching the last step of the editorial control process at the ISO Central Secretariat before the publication, probably in April or May.

The great expectation for the new ISO 14064-3 standard is due to the numerous mandatory and voluntary schemes under accreditation in which the standard is used, such as the EU ETS, the MRV shipping and the Product Carbon Footprint.

To clarify the contents of the new standard, Aequilibria organizes a special training session on April 16th.

The event will also be an opportunity to update learners on the evolution of the development process concerning the two accreditation standards (ISO 14065 and ISO 17029) following the meetings scheduled in the immediately preceding weeks.

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