The first Carbon Footprint Italy mark has been released

By 26 February 2019Notizie

On February 25th, the first CFI mark has been released to Magic Line cleaning trolley by TTS.

The new national Carbon Footprint program allows companies to communicate, in a structured way, the Carbon Footprint of their products or their organization, in possession of an accredited third-party verification statement, concerning the quantification of their GHG emissions.

TTS has been the first company, at international level, to obtain the CFP Systematic Approach certificate of verification, issued by ICMQ; a tool that allows to realize, within a few hours and in a controlled way, the CFP of a comapany products, in order to better understand customer needs.

The CFI mark is associated with a QRcode that refers to a specific sections of the website, containing more detailed information  about the registered Carbon Footprint. The use of the mark is allowed for three years, without any surveillance activities, as indicated by the new rules concerning verification and accreditation of GHG emission.

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