Daniele Pernigotti appointed to lead the ISO/TC 207/SC 2

On Saturday 24th July, the ISO vote has been officially closed, confirming Daniele Pernigotti as Chair of the SC 2, subcommittee of the ISO/TC 207. The SC 2 is committed to Environmental auditing and related environmental investigations. Daniele’s nomination is connected to the recent relocation …

Registration is now open for the visual competition “Close the tap”

It opens today the first edition of "Close the tap", a competition launched by Aequilibria aimed at promoting awareness on the issue of Climate Change and action for an effective transition to a low-carbon society. This competition is aimed at rewarding an engaging the best live action videos and…

CWA “Mapping of the mandatory and voluntary Carbon Management framework in the EU” is now published

The CEN CWA 17675, promoted and led by Aequilibria, is a document that summarizes the state of the art of the European mandatory and policy tools on carbon management, as well as the voluntary ones developed by ISO/TC 207. The CWA is a quick prototyping to standardization document by CEN. …

EU ETS: prorogata la scadenza per la comunicazione sui livelli di attività!

Il Comitato ETS ha disposto in via del tutto eccezionale, e solo per il 2021, una proroga di 30 giorni per l'invio della comunicazione sui livelli di attività (ALC). I gestori potranno quindi trasmettere la comunicazione relativa agli anni 2019 e 2020 entro il 30 aprile 2021. Tale proroga è do…

Daniele Pernigotti is confirmed as leader of the CEN/TC 467 on Climate Change

Last Tuesday ended the CEN vote which confirmed Daniele Pernigotti at the head of the new Technical Committee on climate change. The TC 467 will have a fundamental role in the development of voluntary technical legislations to support the implementation of the European Green Deal. This can only b…

Signature of the first MoU between Carbon Footprint Italy and The Climate Registry

The first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of the international network of carbon footprint communication programmes, Carbon Footprint International, has been signed. The Italian Programme Operator, Carbon Footprint Italy, has signed the basic recognition agreement between The Climate Registry, …

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