Aequilibria is the environmental consultancy I have founded to realize evolving sustainable perspectives. Our commitment is to deliver innovative solutions to the delicate relationship between economy and environment, thanks also to the experience gained participating to the most representative national and international working groups in this sector.

Daniele Pernigotti

Institutional activities of Daniele Pernigotti


He is Italian ISO delegate on international level in many working groups of ISO/TC 207. He recently collaborated on the development of ISO/TS 14067, the global reference for quantification and communication of the Carbon Footprint of Product. In the field of Environmental Management Systems he is involved in the revision of ISO 14001 (SC1/WG5) and ISO 14004 (SC1/WG6). In the GHG area he particpates in the revision of ISO 14064-1 (SC7/WG4), ISO 14064-3 and ISO 14065 (SC7/WG6). He has been part of the restricted task force of ISO TC 207, called to propose the strategies for the standards development on greenhouse gases within the entire ISO reality. At the moment, he is nominated Convenor of WG8 of ISO/TC207/SC7 for the revision of ISO/TS 14067.

UNIUNI – after having coordinated different ad hoc working groups of UNI concerning climate change, since 2011 he has been coordinator of the Working group (GL 15) on greenhouse gases of the Commission Environment. The GL 15 is the national mirror group to ISO/TC 207/SC7 and follows the standardization activities concering GHGs (ISO/TS 14067, ISO 14064 and ISO 14065), and besides it works on the development of specific national standards.

EAEA – he participated in different EA groups for the development of a specific accreditation standard (es. EA 6/03). He has recently obtained the qualification of EA inspector regarding GHG issues, as a member of the verification groups involved in the activity of peer assessment for the ETS.

Member of the Advisory Board of the CLIM’foot project by ADEME. ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management ) provides expertise and advisory services to businesses, local authorities and communities, government bodies and the public at large, to enable them to establish and consolidate their environmental action. The LIFE CLIM’foot is a European project to calculate greenhouse gas emissions produced by companies and entities.
CLIM’foot gathers scientific institutions of five European countries (Italy, France, Croatia, Greece and Hungary) and two private-sector partners from Italy and France.


ACCREDIASince 2000 he has been operating as inspector for the Italian Accreditation Body, and besides he coordinated for several years the working group Environment. Now he coordinates the working group GHG, dedicated to all the verification activities in the mandatory and volontary area regarding climate change. This group has recently managed the delicate procedure of the ETS accreditation foreseen by EU Regulation n. 600/2012. One of the next activities foresees also the development of a specific accreditation scheme for the verification of the Carbon Footprint of Product.

CommissioneEuropeaEU CommissionIndependent reviewer of the PEF/OEF pilot projects by the European Commission. He represents Accredia in the round tables on verification and accreditation refering to ETS of the European Commission. He has participated in the development of guidelines for the application of AVR (Reg. 600/2012), as well as in many meetings of the Accreditation and Verification Forum.