Carbon Footprint of Product

The Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP) is the quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the whole life cycle of a product. Therefore in the calculation are considered as the emissions generated by extraction and transformation of the raw materials, as those linked to production, transport, use and final disposal of the product.

The introduction of the Carbon Footprint of product permits to know which of these life cycle phases are mainly critical in terms of GHG emissions and allows to develop effective reduction interventions of the same. The detailed knowledge of the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted has above all an important economic return, tied to the understanding of how the costs and the competitiveness of products can change when the market price of C02 varies.

In this field the experience of Daniele Pernigotti is attested by the role as national coordinator in the WG15 of UNI concernig greehouse gases, by his participation to the development on international level of the standard concerning the Carbon Footprint (ISO/TS 14067) and by the activity of diffusion and promotion of CFP made by him in Developing Countries.